Yvonne Dröge Wendel
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Wish Tree

Tv item about exhibition Uitgelicht 2 ? kunstRai ? Fonds BKVB ?

Sandra Perry voor Panorama Vrijdag, Uitgelicht 2, TV Nederland 3, 1997

S: That's the wish tree. What are you putting in it?

YD: What I'm putting in it is a new Sony GSM telephone. / There are smaller ones that are actually nicer, but I think this one is gorgeous, too.

S: What's the idea? You put it in the tree and then what?

YD: And in a year I get it! / This is a Sony stereo, which I think is also quite lovely.

S: When did you first see it?

YD: About a year and half ago. / It's all sold out again at this shop, / but I've discovered that Sony has a whole new series somewhere else. / I just like the speakers that come with this model / and it's very small; it's only about that big.

* * *

YD: I really like this, too. Is this available with a cassette recorder?

M1: Yes, you can get this with a cassette recorder. That costs 1199 guilders.

* * *

S: What's the idea behind the wish tree?

YD: The idea is ... A year ago a girlfriend of mine from Bolivia sent me this mini computer. / In Bolivia it seems that if you want something, you buy a small version of it. / There are men at the market who spread out huge coconut leaves, / and you can put all your little objects on the leaves / and then they go through a certain ceremony, and they build a little wish man. / The idea is that a year later you're supposed to get that Mercedes or computer or whatever it was that you put on the leaves. / So I was sent this mini computer, and then later I was given exactly this computer (perhaps not the same model) as apresent bya friend.

* * *

M1: This is the previous model. / You can keep the same model as far as the cassette deck is concerned, but it only comes in gold. / The speakers are an improvement over these, and it does have a brighter sound.

* * *

YD: I really have the feeling that I've built up a relationship there.

S: With the merchandise or with the salespeople?

YD: No, they just get in the way. Those salespeople and shop owners are a nuisance. / You go to the shop, and every time you go through the same song and dance... / "I want that done this way and I want that put over there." / And it's clear that "you have no money," but you play along with the sales pitch anyway.

* * *

M1: This is the new disc player. You can get it with the mini disc, but then the cube only comes in silver.

YD: So is that another colour...?

M1: You can only get this colour with the cassette deck and it was a limited issue, / they've still got a few of them left; the speakers are the same.

YD: How many do you still have of that one, the gold one?

M1: Of the gold ones right now I have this and a cassette deck.

YD: So you only have one...?

M1: Yes, I still have one. We're expecting more.

* * *

YD: And now I'm struggling with whether I should spend the money on a cassette recorder or not. / I'd rather spend a few hundred guilders more and go ahead and buy the table. / This is the table. Actually it's something that I've wanted for a year now. / It's an Indonesian table / and you can see that the legs have been lengthened to European standards. / But
it's 1875 guilders, which I think is really too much for a table. / It's been here for a year.

S: It's been waiting for you to make up your mind!

* * *

M2: It's high-quality professional workmanship. / It works like this, the pegs come here. All wooden pegs. / That makes it easier to transport, then I can just store and collapse it this way.

YD: But those aren't the original legs.

M2: ... for transport as well. / No, they're not the original.

YD: This one is lovely, too.

S: It's a lovely table.

YD: Yes. / Now as far as the wish tree is concerned, what fascinates me is that you develop an entirely new way of wishing. / You can put very grand wishes in it. You don't have to be realistic / and go for something from the HEMA or something very cheap. / You can reach very high and dream of
exquisite things. / It's much nicer to dream of lovely, expensive things than of something realistic that you can actually afford.