Yvonne Dröge Wendel
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Publication: Wooden Sticks

published by Artimo Foundation

"These wooden sticks have their own history. They have travelled and they have been used by people from various cultures. Seen and judged by different persons these wooden sticks became different objects each time. Diverse stories circle around these sticks. They have become a place of meaning. Like on an expedition Yvonne Dr?ge Wendel goest out to find different areas in her mind from where she can look and maybe see what is in front of her. In order to find positions to look she takes measures of personal research. Texts: Anke Bangma and the artist.

The book Wooden Sticks refers to popular scientific publications that thematically center around one subject. It contains a historical survey describing examples of wooden sticks in paintings and sculptures of various art periods, The book also refers to amateur research by doing self-observations. It includes interviews, photographs, texts, and drawings." (cit. Yvonne Dr?ge Wendel).
The book is based on the project Wooden Sticks, which has been shown in 1996 in Witte de With, center for contemporary art, Rotterdam. Additional information: Cahier # 5, Witte de With.Text: Anke Bangma, page 114-129). (25 x 21 cm.)
Other presentations include: It?s not like it used to be, Bart?k 32 Galeria, Budapest 1994; Off-Size Luggage, D'Eendt- Gallery van Dieten, Amsterdam 1995; City Art Gallery, Sophia 1996. Lustwarande 04- Disorientation by beauty- triennial of contemporary art 2004, Tilburg: The work ?Wooden sticks? developed as a mental training circuit.

[b]to be powerful: Take a stick approximately 2.10 m long with a diameter of 3-4 cm. Take the stick in your right hand at eye level. Place the stick vertically in front To of you at a distance of half your arms length. Don?t hesitate to adjust the height of your grip on the stick. The higher the grip the more powerful you feel.

To be a worker: Take a stick 170 cm long with a diameter of 4 cm. Put your hand just below chin height and your left hand opposite your hip. Then move the stick to a diagonal position and start scraping the ground in long strokes.[b]

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Edition: 1000
Printing: offset
Pages: 64
Binding: soft-cover