Yvonne Dröge Wendel
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Many Me's - boardgame

group show: RE: Zero - Arti et Amicitae - Amsterdam

The boardgame consists of a wooden board, personal cards and twelve Me's , they are the players.

Each one of these Me's represents a different character. Taken together these 12 players / Me's represent you as a person.

All the Me's are in competition and want to be heard. Some have more power than others. Their spacial position on the board manifests their present condition in constallation with other Me's.

With the help of your personal cards you can identify the
characteristics and abilities of each Me or player. For instance, one Me may be eager to work whilst the other is lazy- another Me loves to consume and enjoys the nightlive .

You can change the shape of each 'Me' by squeezing it.

You can identify each 'player' by referring to the characteristics written down on your personal cards . A couple of options for each of your ' players ' are given on your cards. You can add as many characteristics as you wish.

For example, if you enjoy going out and drinking wine, you are likely to have more than one dominant Me who likes to socialise. Try to notice that 'players' pattern. As you play the game, be fair to all the ' players ' and be aware of them all simultaneously.

You can change the constellation of the ' Me's'. You can tell some of them to shut up and put others in a prominent position.

All of the 12 'players' are active all the time and are in constant competition and communication with each other. For example, if one of your Me's wants to lie on the sofa and watch the T.V., most likely another will want to go out and have a drink. At the same time another Me will want to be angry about your financial situation whilst another will want to read a good book.

You can give priority to certain ' Me's' by positioing them in a prominent position on the boerd. Try to be democratic. Give different 'players'
a chance and reposition them on the board each time you play.

In order to avoid stagnation you should change the shape of the 'players' regularly.

This game has no fixed beginning or ending. There are no winners and no losers this game is a continuous change of the constellation of 'players'.