Yvonne Dröge Wendel
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Competitive business ? egg sellers - Tanzania

Rafiki International workshop open day at Bagamoyo
Rafiki International, Slip-way, Dar-es-Salam

A common phenomenon in the streets of Tanzania is young boys collectively selling the same product: hard-boiled eggs.

I asked a group of egg sellers to sell ?my eggs?. My question immediately resulted in intense discussions among the young boys and in the end only a small group of egg sellers where brave enough to step out of the daily routine and sell my eggs. I promised them half of the profit.

I prepared two kinds of eggs. Empty golden eggs and sand eggs, these where made from bricks coming out of a wall of the famous Bagamoyo fort. This fort is well known because of its bad history connected to slavery. I put the price of the eggs extremely high maybe because I liked them and somehow wanted to keep them. The sand eggs where twice the price of the golden eggs, this because of the material they where made from.
Anyhow, at the day of the event, the open day of the international Rafiki workshop, lots of international visitors where present and the eggs where selling fast.
There was again intense discussion going on among the sellers, my salesmen got offended a lot, and when I saw how much money was coming in I regretted that I had to share the profit. I think they made a year income in a couple of hours.
The Eastern African TV made a seven-minute item about them and they felt like stars. At the end of the day I saw them sitting in the restaurant, with a big smile on their face and a big cola and a large meal in front of them.

Golden eggs: egg shells spray-painted. Sand eggs: stone that is taken from the historic building Bagamoyo fort, wrapped in a drawing, with wood glue and sand added.

This event took place during open day Rafiki international art workshop, parallel to the international Theatre and Music festival, Bagamoyo 2001
And as a follow up at Rafiki International, Slip-way, Dar-es-Salam 2001